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This is what we enjoy to do.

Web Development

We organize all your conceptual ideas, and assemble together all the necessary pieces to the puzzle.

Responsive Designs

We customize our responsive design software code, so that your content molds into different devices.

Graphic Designs

Good aestetics designs capture visually a thousand words.

Website Hosting

We provide web hosting services to connect your content to the world wide web on any device.

Domain registration

The right name for the right job is important.


Small business application to be able to sell items online over a network electronically.

Database admin

Our team handles data storage online by manipulating the SQL language.

Content management

We provide software applications to manage digital conent at low levels.

Google Analytics

We are able to track your online success, and provide you with data feedback.

SEO Optimization

We optimize software code to be another top level competitor on the internet.

Online Advertisement

We create a public medium to promote a product, service, event or other ideas.

Social Media

We extend your content reachability by provding links to popular social medias.

Welcome, We are IWAD

Infinite Websites and Designs is a web development company that coordinates your ideas into functionable works of art from initial to final running states. We specialize in the whole project's web development process, responsive(fluid) design architecture, graphic designs, website hosting, domain registration, ecommerce, database administration, content management systems, google analytics, SEO optimization, online advertisement, and social media connections. Our location is in the heart of California, and gladly collaborate with individuals to provide cutting-edge solutions to their specific needs. We are here to stay and 100% committed to help you reach your business goals!


Our experienced team is ready to tackle your abstract ideas, and turned them into reality. It doesn't matter if they are big or small, together we can achieve your goals.


From the initial phase of your conceptual ideas to the launching of your finished product, we remain with you 100% of the way to answer any confusing questions. Customer service is one of our high held priority standards.


Our team is assembled by individuals who possess professional degrees, and their knowledge is a key to providing good quality work with honesty.

Let's Create Something Together

Have an amazing project in mind? Then it's time to get in touch, so that our professional team can start assembling the pieces of your project together.

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Happy Clients

This is what we enjoy to do.

"I was able to experience great service, and great guidance by the Infinite Websites and Designs individuals. They execeeded my expectations, and remained within my budget."

Jorge Salinas Moraila

Business Executive, Prime America

"Infinite Websites and Designs proved to be the right choice when it came to selecting who to trust with my online project. They handled all the details accordingly, and were constantly available to the many question I had. I honestly recommend their service."

Ruperto Gatica

Owner, RGB Renovation

"I was surprised at the turnaround time, and the extra amount of work the guys at Infinite Website and Designs team were able to provide within my website project. I recommend their great service."

Hashmat Shams

General Contractor